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We combine our business and academic experience to create simple, yet effective tools that will help you to improve your productivity and quality of scholarly outputs. We also support your wellbeing, so that you can enjoy your work and stay motivated to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Dr Dawid Hanak

PhD, MBA, CEng, MIMechE, CMgr, FCMI, FHEA, TED speaker
/// Academic Coach at Motivated Academic

I’m a senior academic with a vision to solve global challenges via engineering and mentoring future leaders. I always strive to develop and improve my competences so that I can support you better. As the Academic Coach, I can help you to build your motivation, develop and plan your research, and enhance the quality of academic outputs. We can do this by working together to shape a vision for your work and develop an efficient strategy to achieve your goals. 

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Magda Hanak

Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer
/// CEO Magda Hanak Creative Design & Creative Coach at Motivated Academic

I’m a solopreneur and business owner. I love self-development and I firmly believe you can achieve anything you want –  you just need to work smart. As the Creative Coach, I can help you to become more organised and widely disseminate your research. We can do this by working together to apply the key principles of project and task management, and develop a unique dissemination strategy. 

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