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Our mission

We believe early-career researchers and PhDs, like yourself, are extraordinary. We get up every morning to support you in doing what you do best – pushing the boundaries of the existing body of knowledge to solve global challenges. Everything we do is about inspiring and motivating you to work hard and smart while enjoying your work and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We’re driven by seeing you achieve success because of us, whether that means a higher quality of outputs, more publications, project finished before a deadline or just more happiness in your life.

We do this by doing what we’re the best: employing our considerable academic and business expertise to help you bring your research to the next level. We work with you to offer the best frameworks and tools to boost your motivation, productivity and wellbeing, and personalised coaching and products to support your academic development.

Everything we do is thoughtfully focused on maximising your wellbeing, motivation and productivity as a researcher and academic. So whether you’re looking for personalised 1-to-1 coaching, support in writing academic papers or managing a research project, or just need a bit of inspiration to keep on pushing against the odds, we’ve got a solution tailored to your needs. Contact us and become Motivated Academic now!

Meet the Motivated Academic Team

dr Dawid Hanak

I’m a senior academic with a vision to solve global challenges via engineering and develop future leaders. I always strive to develop and improve my competences so that I can support others. I can help you to increase your motivation and academic output by shaping a clear vision for your work and developing clear strategy to achieve your goals.   

At Motivated Academic, I’m the content and motivation wiz. I share my personal experience and reflections to help you strive in your academic environment. My superpowers are data analytics, academic, business and technical writing, confidence building, and photography.   

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Magda Hanak

I’m a solopreneur graphic designer and digital marketing student at Cambridge Marketing College. I love self-development, and I firmly believe you can achieve anything you want –  you just need to work smart. I can help you to apply the key principles of project management and task organisation – just get in touch!

At Motivated Academic, I’m the brain behind graphic and web design, task planning and organisation. I share my personal experience to keep you organised. My superpowers are speaking fluently in a couple of languages and playing the ukulele.

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